The Tour Guide

Jessica loves stories, secrets and history: tales of storm-tossed ships, hidden letters, and fair-isle legends have always held her captivated, and inspired her to create the Secrets of Charlottetown Walking Tours company. Now she wants to share those same tales with you! 

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Jessica is a professional in the art & craft of a well-told story. Jessica has over 12 years of professional story-telling experience, first as an award-winning magazine journalist, and later as a Top 100 Amazon Category historical romance novelist

She intertwines the best of impeccably researched unique secrets & intriguing legends with romantic local lore, to create charming yet richly developed tour experiences for you to enjoy.



"We attended the tour on August 1st, which was a great tour with many interesting secrets!"

In the best traditions of similar walks we’ve done in Europe"

School Trip in Forest

"...'Charming and knowlegable' is how I would describe Jessica, your personal tour guide... It's a most refreshing and entertaining way to explore...through Jessica's fascinating tales, anecdotes and historical tidbits. Highly recommended!"



"Jessica is an excellent storyteller.  Her well-researched tour showed me new sides of Charlottetown. She is a professional, friendly, and knowledgable tour guide.”


"a wonderful hour tour with lots of cool 'secrets'. Jess knew her stuff and was a real joy to visit with" 

"They [the girls] really enjoyed it and we did too. Thank you again!!"